Text Function in Excel

Hello All. In this section, let’s look into all the Text functions available. Here is the table with the usage and syntax for all the Text functions in Excel

 Function Usage  Syntax 
 CHAR  Return a specific character based on the numerical value input =CHAR(number) 
 CLEAN  Removes all non-printable characters from the text  =CLEAN(text)
 Returns the numeric code for the first character in the text string  =CODE(text)
 CONCAT  Joins a list or range of text strings  =CONCAT(text1, text2,…)
 CONCATENATE  Joins several text strings into one  =CONCATENATE(text1, text2,…)
 Convert a number to text in currency format  =DOLLAR(number,[decimals])
 EXACT  Compare 2 x text strings  =EXACT(text1, text2)
 FIND  Returns the location of text in a text string. Case sensitive  =FIND(text, within text, [starting number])
 FIXED  Format the number with fixed decimals  =FIXED(number, [decimals], [no_commas])
 LEFT  Returns the specified number of characters from start of text string  =LEFT(text,[num_chars])
 LEN  Get the length of the text string  =LEN(text)
 LOWER  Convert the text string to lower case  =LOWER(text)
 MID  Extract characters from middle of the text string, given the starting position and length  =MID(text, start_num, num_chars)
 NUMBERVALUE  Converts a number in text format to numeric value  =NUMBERVALUE(text,[decimal separator],[group separator])
 PROPER  Capitalize the first letter in each word  =PROPER(text)
 REPLACE  Replace text string with another text string  =REPLACE(old text, start_num, num_chars, new text)
 REPT  Repeat text a given number of times  =REPT(text, number_times)
 RIGHT  Returns the specified number of characters towards end of a text string  =RIGHT(text, [num_chars])
 SEARCH  Returns the location of text in a string (From left to right)  =SEARCH(find text,within text, [start num])
 SUBSTITUTE  Replace existing text with new text in the text string  =SUBSTITUTE(text, old text, new text, [instance num])
 TEXT  Converts a value to text in a specified number format  =TEXT(value, format_text)
 TEXTJOIN  Concatenates a list or range of text strings with a delimiter  =TEXTJOIN(delimiter, ignore empty, text1, text2,…)
 TRIM     Remove spaces from text except for single space between words  =TRIM(text)
 UNICHAR  Get Unicode character by number  =UNICHAR(number)
 UNICODE  Get number corresponding to the first character of the text  =UNICODE(text)
 UPPER  Convert text into upper case  =UPPER(text)
 VALUE  Convert a number in text format into a number format  =VALUE(text)
I hope you liked this one pager about all the Text functions in Excel. Shortly, I will insert hyperlink for each of the function explaining them in detail.
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