AND function in Excel

Hello All. In this tutorial let’s explore the AND function in excel. AND is a logical function used to check one or more conditions and return a “True” value if the conditions are met and “False” if otherwise.

Syntax: =AND(logic1, [logic2],[logic3]…)
Let’s look at a simple example to start with. In the below example, we want to filter people who scored marks between 40 and 70. Usage of AND function would check if the value is greater than 40 and less than 70 and returns a “TRUE” if check passes and “FALSE”, if otherwise
If you need custom results to be returned, for example, rather than true – you need “to be focused”, we can use AND function within IF function. The formula would be:
=IF(AND(B3>40, B3<70), “Need to be focused”, “Ignore”)
In the above formula, the IF condition checks the result of AND function. When AND function returns True, IF condition displays “Need to be focussed”. When AND function returns FAIL, IF condition displays “Ignore”.
Next, let’s look at an example of using AND function with OR function (as one of the logical test). In the below example, we need to return “TRUE” when the sales numbers are between 8000 and 9000 and when the model is Swift or Alto.    

The formula would be: =AND(B3>8000,B3<9000,OR(C3=”Swift”,C3=”Alto”))

Few pointers about AND function:
  1. AND function doesn’t support wildcards
  2. Empty cells are ignored if used within the AND function
  3. If no logical values in the selected cell, the function would return “#Value”

I hope you liked this tutorial on AND function. Please provide us with your valuable feedback which would help in improving the content. Thanks for reading. 

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