How to add maps in Excel

How many of us know that Excel provides some cool data about countries and the same can be shown in maps? It’s a two step process – first to validate the country / state information. Next, convert the data into maps. Let’s explore.

Write down the list of countries / states in any required cell range. Select all -> choose “Geography” under the Data tab.
Excel processes the given list and inserts the geography icon in front of the values if it recognizes. If not, there would be a question mark and one has to select the right value from the suggestions. 
Please refrain from using short abbreviations, the tool will get super confused. I tried adding CA (for California), NC (for North Carolina) – tool processed and gave the results as Canada and New Caledonia respectively!!
Once the list is ready, Excel provides certain useful information about each country / State (like Capital / calling code / Fertility rate / Forested area % / official language etc). Please note the information set is different for the available data set. For example, states in United state has a different information set when compared to states in India.
If one need to fill in custom data for each country / state, that too can be entered. 
Next step is to convert the data into cool maps. Lets do a world map as a first example. I am adding life expectancy of handful of countries. 
Once the data is ready, Select the table -> under Insert tab, select Maps -> Filled Map
Data is turned into a cool world map 
You can follow the same steps by adding states specific to a country to create country specific maps.
Please note, if you add states from different countries, the result would be world map.
Also to note, if states from different countries are added, available datasets may be available only for few. For example, if you add states in India and US and select “Persons per household” as data – only data for US states populates. This is because the data is only available for US and not for India


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please provide your valuable feedback to make our content more useful. Thanks for reading!

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