How to populate stock exchange data in Excel

Do you know you can auto-populate the data of corporations registered with major stock exchanges across the globe? Lets see how to retrieve the data.

Disclaimer: The data populated are as-is data available in stock exchanges about various corporations. Cannot be used to active trading.

First to fetch data about corporations:
Type in the list of corporations you want in your dataset. Select all of them -> Under Data tab, select Stocks as Data Type. Shown below.
If the tool, doesn’t recognize the corporation, you may need to select the appropriate data like which stock exchange etc. If the tool recognizes, then the scrip name gets populated automatically.
Once all the data is validated, lets start adding the information needed about each corporation. Please note the information available in the stock exchanges are provided as-is.
Select all the corporations, click on the “Insert Data” button on the fill handle. Shown below:
“Insert Data” has multiple options like currency traded, 52 week high / low, headquarters etc. In our example, lets select the currency and Industry
Next lets add the Industry
This simple and easy way helps to populate various information automatically and make life easy.
I hope you like this tutorial. Please provide your valuable feedback / suggestions to make our content more helpful. Thanks for reading.

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