IFNA Function in Excel

Hello all. Here is a very quick run through of the IFNA function in excel. Please note that this function is available only from Excel 2013 versions. IFNA was introduced specifically to trap the “#NA” error and return a specific value for the error condition. 

Syntax: =IFNA(value, Value_ifna)
Let’s look at the example below. A simple vlookup to look emp# in a table beside and return the Department. In this case, Emp#999 is not available in the lookup table and hence it would return “#NA” error
Let’s use IFNA to trap this error and replace with a text like “Emp# not found in table”. Formula would be:     =IFNA(VLOOKUP(H3,B2:E9,4,0),”Emp# not found in table”)

I hope you liked this short tutorial. Please let me know your feedback that would help to improve the content. Thanks for reading. 

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