Logical Functions in Excel

Hello All. In this section let’s look into all the logical functions available. Here is the table with the usage and syntax for all the functions.

 Function  Usage  Syntax
 AND  Test multiple conditions and returns true if all conditions are true  =AND(Logic 1, Logic 2,…)
 FALSE  Returns the logical value FALSE  =FALSE()
 TRUE  Returns the logical value TRUE  =TRUE()
 IF  Checks a specific condition. Returns a value if condition is true, returns another if condition is false  =IF(Test,[Value if true],[Value if false])
 IFERROR  Traps and handles error  =IFERROR(Value,[Value if error])
 IFNA  Traps and handles “NA” errors  =IFNA(Value,[Value if NA])
 IFS  Checks more than one condition and returns the first true value  =IFS(test1, Value if true, test2, Value if true,..)
 NOT  Reverses arguments / Values (Eg., changes true to false or false to true)  =NOT(Logic)
 OR  Tests multiple conditions with OR argument  =OR(logic 1, logic 2,…)
 SWITCH  Match multiple values and return the first available match  =SWITCH(Expression, Value1, Result1,[value2 or default, result2],…)
 XOR  Perform an exclusive OR  =XOR(logic1, logic2,…)
I hope you liked this one pager about all the logical functions in Excel. Shortly, I will insert hyperlink for each of the function explaining them in detail.
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