OR Function in Excel

Hello All. In this tutorial let’s explore the OR function in Excel. OR is a logical function used to check multiple conditions and returns TRUE if one of the conditions meet.

Syntax: =OR(logic1, logic2,[logic3],..)
Let’s start with a simple example. In the below example, let’s write the OR function to return “True” when the value is either “carrot” or “cucumber”. The function will return “False” when the value is anything else.
In this formula, OR functions checks the C3 value – when one of the values specified matches in the formula, it returns the “TRUE” value & returns “FALSE” otherwise.
If you need custom results in place of “True” or “False”, let’s use the OR function with IF function. In the below example, the shop decides to give discounts to customer when they purchase Carrot or Cucumber along with others. If customers don’t purchase these two veggies, then they aren’t eligible for discounts.
In the above example, please note I have used arrays in the logical test i.e., D3:G3 rather than checking individual cells. OR function allows us to use arrays for the ease of checking.
I hope this quick tutorial on the OR function was helpful to you. Please let us know your valuable feedback to get the content improved. Thanks for reading.

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