Commonly used Excel Shortcuts for Windows

Hello All. Let’s look at commonly used excel shortcuts used for Windows. If you are looking for shortcuts used for MAC, please check here.

Sl. NoActionShortcut
1New WorkbookCtrl + N
2Open WorkbookCtrl + O
3Save WorkbookCtrl + S
4Save As WorkbookF12
5PrintCtrl + P
6Print PreviewCtrl + F2
7Close WorkbookCtrl + F4
8Close Excel (all open workbook)Alt + F4
10RedoCtrl + Y
11UndoCtrl + Z
12Copy selected cellsCtrl + C
13Cut selected cells Ctrl + X
14PasteCtrl + V
15Paste SpecialCtrl + Alt + V
16Find & ReplaceCtrl + F
17Replace SelectedCtrl + H
18Select entire worksheetCtrl + A
19Select one cell to the rightShift + Right Arrow
20Select one cell to the leftShift + Left Arrow
21Select one cell to the topShift + Up Arrow
22Select one cell to the bottomShift + Down Arrow
23Select till the last cell in the rightCtrl + Shift + Right Arrow
24Select till the last cell in the leftCtrl + Shift + Left Arrow
25Select till the last cell in the topCtrl + Shift + Up Arrow
26Select till the last cell in the bottomCtrl + Shift + Down Arrow
27Edit active cellF2
28Insert commentShift + F2
29Apply or Remove Bold formattingCtrl + B
30Apply or Remove Italic formattingCtrl + I
31Apply or Remove underscoringCtrl + U
32Calculate various formulas in worksheetF9
33Next worksheetCtrl + Pg Dn
34Previous worksheetCtrl + Pg Up
35Spelling check F7

I hope you like this short tutorial on the commonly used shortcut. If you don’t see the desired shortcut, check out advanced shortcuts for excel post.

Please let us know your feedback to help improve our content. Thanks for reading.

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