Indirect Function in Excel

Hello all. Let’s look at Indirect function. Indirect function would return a reference (or reference range) from a specified string.


=Indirect(ref_text, [a1])

Let’s look at some examples. In the below example, we have one value in each worksheet (sheet1,2&3). Let’s return each of them using the indirect function

Next, let’s create a named range for C2:C4 as “Subject”. Let’s use the indirect function to return the entire list.

In the above sheet, you need to just enter =indirect(“subject”) in E2. E3&E4 gets the data automatically as name range “Subject” is a list.

Indirect function can return reference ranges as well. In the below example, we have a range in sheet2 in cells B2:D6 as below:

Now, let’s enter the indirect function in Sheet4 as below. Again just enter the indirect function in C7 and it would return the entire range.

I hope you understand the use of indirect function and like this short tutorial. Thanks for ready and don’t forget to provide your feedback.

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