Generating Random Dates in Excel

Hello all. In this short section, let’s look at how to generate random dates. We shall we be using the “randbetween” and “date” function.

Randbetween function will generate random number between the min and max range specified. Syntax is =randbetween(bottom,top)

Date function will return number that represents the date based on the specified year, month and day. Syntax is =date(year, month, day)

Let’s marry these two functions to generate random dates. Let’s replace the bottom and top arguments in randbetween with dates – it will be date1 and date2. Remember, date will return number. This will make bottom number and top number.


Randbetween with date function

If you want the system to change the dates, perform any action in the worksheet or hit F9 to refresh the list.

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Video Tutorial

Hope you like this very short section on how to generate random dates. Thanks for reading!

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