Video – Conditional Formatting in Excel

Hello all. Here is the video tutorial about conditional formatting in excel. I hope you like this video. Please help in sharing the content. Thanks for watching.

Video – Count function in Excel

Hello all. In this video tutorial, we will be looking at the count function. We will be covering count, counta, countblank, countif and countifs functions. I hope you liked this video. Please help by sharing our content. Thanks for watching.

Conditional Formatting – an introduction

Hello all. Let’s look at an introduction to conditional formatting. Conditional formatting is an excellent way to visualize data set in Excel. There are some pre-defined rules that Excel provides to visualize. However you can manually create rules, using formulas, to visualize data. Pre-Defined Rules Let’s look at the below data set – we need … Read more

Random Name / text picker – with Index function

Hello all. We have already seen random name picker here – there we used the CHOOSE function. Let’s see how to use generate random name (text) using the INDEX function. Index function returns the value of the cell at an intersection of specified row and column. With Index as the base, we shall see how … Read more