How to create Gantt chart in Excel – Part 01

Gantt chart is one of the frequently used tool in project management to illustrate the project schedule. This chart is extremely popular that most of the companies are adopting this for various purposes. Lets see a step by step process on how to create Gantt chart in excel.  Note: We can do this either byContinue reading “How to create Gantt chart in Excel – Part 01”

How to create a random name picker

Hello All. Here is a quick step by step guide on how to create random name picker in excel. This is absolutely dynamic and random. We shall be using Choose & Randbetween functions to achieve this. First let’s see the syntax for the choose function =Choose(index_num, value1, value2,… value 254) Here the index number willContinue reading “How to create a random name picker”

Using “OFFSET” in Excel

Hello All. Offset is a cool, built in function of Excel that is used to return a specific value or a range that is a specified number of rows and columns from a reference cell.  Might sound confusing – but let’s look at few examples which will help us to understand. First, the syntax: =Offset(Reference,Continue reading “Using “OFFSET” in Excel”