Video – Conditional Formatting in Excel

Hello all. Here is the video tutorial about conditional formatting in excel. I hope you like this video. Please help in sharing the content. Thanks for watching.

Video – Count function in Excel

Hello all. In this video tutorial, we will be looking at the count function. We will be covering count, counta, countblank, countif and countifs functions. I hope you liked this video. Please help by sharing our content. Thanks for watching.

GETPIVOTDATA function in Excel

Hello all. Another short section regarding getpivotdata function in excel. Getpivotdata function uses / queries the existing Pivot table and returns data based on specified conditions as arguments. Syntax =getpivotdata(data_field, pivot_table, [field1,item1],..) Here, data_field is the name of the value field to be queried. Pivot_table is the reference to any cell in the pivot table. … Read more

FormulaText function in Excel

Hello all. In this short section, let’s cover the formulatext function in excel. Formulatext field would return the formula used in the reference cell as a text value. Syntax =Formulatext(ref) Here, ref is any cell reference. Working Example In the below example, I have used an offset function to return the ops metrics for Feb … Read more