Power Pivot 101

Hello all. In this section let’s look at the basics of power pivot. Power pivot is one of the powerful tools which can help in getting multiple data source and create a pivot table out of it. The data source can be data thru ODBC, from database (like SQL, Access), Azure, Teradata, other excel sheetsContinue reading “Power Pivot 101”

Pivot Table – Advanced Part 02

Hello all. This is the 2nd part of advanced pivot table section. If you missed reading the introduction and 1st part of advanced, check here and here. Let’s use the same data set, as in the previous sections. Let’s look at how sales has happened for the company month on month in terms of %Continue reading “Pivot Table – Advanced Part 02”

Pivot Table – Advanced part 01

Hello all. Let’s look into some advanced features / functions of Pivot table. As Pivot table can do multiple things, I have broken the advanced section in to two parts. If you haven’t gone through the Pivot table 101 (introduction) section, please check out here. We will be using the below dataset. Revenue is nothingContinue reading “Pivot Table – Advanced part 01”

Pivot Table 101

Hello all. Let’s look at Excel’s built-in Data interpretation tool – Pivot Table. Pivot table is easy to use and can interactively explore the given data. Pivot table is one of the commonly used tools and being a pro in Pivot table is key to be pro in excel. Pivot is powerful and a easyContinue reading “Pivot Table 101”