Random Name / text picker – with Index function

Hello all. We have already seen random name picker here – there we used the CHOOSE function. Let’s see how to use generate random name (text) using the INDEX function. Index function returns the value of the cell at an intersection of specified row and column. With Index as the base, we shall see howContinue reading “Random Name / text picker – with Index function”

Generating Random time values in Excel

Hello all. Let’s look at how to generate random time values in excel. We shall be using the floor.math function and the rand function to generate time values. rand() function will generate random value between 0 and 1. Syntax is =rand() floor.math function rounds off the number to the nearest integer or the provided significanceContinue reading “Generating Random time values in Excel”

Generating Random Dates in Excel

Hello all. In this short section, let’s look at how to generate random dates. We shall we be using the “randbetween” and “date” function. Randbetween function will generate random number between the min and max range specified. Syntax is =randbetween(bottom,top) Date function will return number that represents the date based on the specified year, monthContinue reading “Generating Random Dates in Excel”